The story begins when…


How Google killed the apps and the whole internet…


A few days ago Google made his 2016 0/I conference, in this event (as usual) were released new products and features for Android, but something really important happened so fast that nobody noticed! They changed the whole internet ecosystem (once again) with a new thing called… instant apps!



Back in time…


Yes, Google already changed the internet some months ago, when they introduced some new “behaviors” for Chrome, as you can use right now. The websites have notifications in your computer and open as a new app in your smartphone (not as a tab), that’s means…




Your company (already) OLD web page need to become dynamic as a blog to interact with your customers to rise in the Google bot search engine. Content is king (again).




Your website have a new function, it works like a “free” mailing list. The users can follow your blog and receive push (notifications) for new posts.  



Back from the future…


The world have millions of applications, but people still use only 20 at max, they avoid the “risk” to save some hard disk space or for laziness… So, what an instant app is all about? That’s means now you can open an application in your phone without downloaded it. Yes, your app will behavior like a site and that’s great for two good reasons…


Number One


You don’t need (anymore) spent (a lot of) money to create an app for your company, cuz now your site already looks like one.


Number two


Now your app have a better chance (shot) to be download and leave the Play Store limbo.


So what?


Imagine the both technologies (apps and sites) working together as one? This will change the internet forever, but first we’ll know if Google really understood YOU (the real king of internet) and used design thinking for it.



In a distant galaxy…


In a near future we’ll discover if YOU adopted this disruptive tech or it rested in peace as… google wave, banks (bitcoin feelings), nokia, telecoms (whatsapp feelings), google glass, hipsters, cars (tesla feelings), kinect, nextel, windows phone, motorola, free market and so on FOREVER!


I hope you liked, now let me know how you are dealing with that…  


Warn regard,


Roberto Pantoja (Brazilian innovator)

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